Bill Would Permit PT Licensing Exams Prior to Graduation

My legislation to permit students studying physical therapy to take the required licensing exam up to 90 days prior to graduation was unanimously approved this week in the House Professional Licensure Committee. Currently, Pennsylvania law prohibits students from sitting for the exam prior to graduation. Thirty-two other states permit earlier testing, enabling students to start work immediately upon graduation. My bill now goes to the full House for consideration.

Rep. Quinn Questions Department Of Admin and Information Technology

Pa. State Rep. Chris Quinn questions Chief Information Security Officer Erik Avakian of the Dept. of Administration and I.T. about possible corrupted computer servers during the February 25th House Appropriations hearings.

Rep. Chris Quinn Questions PUC Regarding Mariner East 2 Pipeline

Pa. State Rep. Chris Quinn questions a testifier during the February 19th Consumer and Affairs meeting.

Quinn Questions DCNR Secretary About Project Funding

Pa. State Rep. Chris Quinn questions DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn about funding for watershed and conservation projects.

Quinn Questions DEP’s Ability to Address Pipeline Safety

Pa. State Rep. Chris Quinn questions Secretary of DEP Patrick McDonnell about safety criteria, the number of safety inspectors and proper staffing for the Mariner Two East pipeline project.

Reaction to Governor’s Budget Address

PA State Rep. Chris Quinn comments after Gov. Wolf’s budget address to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The budget address is the first step in the process to formulate Pennsylvania’s state budget.

Quinn Endorses State Budget Passage

The state House today approved the general appropriations portion of the state budget package for the 2018-19 fiscal year. State Rep. Chris Quinn discusses why he supported House Bill 2121, which now goes to the state Senate for consideration.

Enhancing Good Samaritan Law

Pa. State Rep. Chris Quinn explains House Bill 2147, a bill was unveiled to fight the Commonwealth’s opioid epidemic by further encouraging people to pursue treatment following an overdose.

Lowering Student Debt

Pa. State Rep. Chris Quinn celebrates the unanimous passage of House Bill 2124, a student debt loan bill.

Student Loan Debt Tracking Bill Advances

Pa. State Rep. Chris Quinn comments about House Bill 2124, a bill providing for more information regarding education loans.