May. 23, 2019

HARRISBURG –Rep. Chris Quinn (R-Delaware), in collaboration with Lifetime Wells International; Aqua America; and Media borough, will host the 2019 Clean Water Games at Media Borough’s Dining Under the Stars to promote the importance of clean, potable water.

“In many areas around the world and even in this country, clean drinking water is not guaranteed,” said Quinn. “Third-world countries suffer from a lack of infrastructure, and many communities in this country experience contamination from lead pipes and the leaching of contaminants into water wells.

“I am holding this event to promote the sustainable management of clean, fresh water,” said Quinn. “Clean water is key to our health and safety and it is increasingly under threat. By raising awareness, I am hopeful we will never take clean water for granted.”

Quinn will be hosting the 2019 Clean Water Games on Wednesday, May 29, at 6 p.m. at Media Dining Under of the Stars, State Street and Veterans Square in Media. The event is FREE of charge and will feature information and a couple fun events, including a water bucket carry relay race and water balloon toss.

In addition to Clean Water Games, there will also be water quality educational demonstrations and information on state-related environmental programs.

“This will be a family event and I’m hopeful students will come out and participate,” said Quinn. “It is important that our children, as the future leaders in our communities and this nation, recognize that clean water is an important natural resource that must be protected and preserved for generations to come. This event will help to reinforce those values.”

The 2019 Clean Water Games are sponsored by Aqua America.

Representative Chris Quinn
168th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Paul Engelkemier