May. 03, 2019

MIDDLETOWN – Rep. Chris Quinn (R-Delaware) joined about 20 residents on Friday morning at the Middletown State Police barracks to protest the continued operation of the 12-inch work-around pipeline that is part of Mariner East 2.

The Middletown Coalition for Community Safety congregated at the site of a sinkhole that appeared more than a week ago. The pipeline continues to operate despite the incident.

Immediately following the incident, Quinn called for a shutdown of the pipeline while new geological and environmental studies could be conducted. He reiterated his call for a shutdown on Friday. This sinkhole is the second to appear locally this year. One opened in Chester County in January.

“We need to ensure that residents are safe when it comes to the pipeline, and with sinkholes now appearing at an alarming rate, we must shut down operation until we can solve these problems,” Quinn said.

The sinkhole unearthed the 12-inch pipeline that is being used as a work-around for Mariner East 2 while new construction of Mariner East 2 is underway in the area.

At the protest, Quinn pushed for the passage of his legislation, House Bill 888, which would require the full inspection of the entire pipeline following a sinkhole, leak or other incident.

“This would help prevent similar incidents in the future and help ensure public safety for people living along pipelines throughout Pennsylvania,” Quinn said. “It is common sense and reasonable to require pipeline operators to not only respond to an incident, but also help reassure the public that similar incidents are not imminent.”

Quinn sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf immediately following the sinkhole’s appearance. The letter requested the administration shut down the operation of the pipeline.

Quinn has not received a response.


Rep. Chris Quinn joins protesters demanding the shutdown of the Mariner East 2 pipeline.

Representative Chris Quinn
168th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Paul Engelkemier